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West Wisconsin Wood
Carvers Guild

Dedicated to the interest & increasing knowledge of
wood carving and whittling.

    Cleaning Up Your Carving by Linda Hanes
    (from the Chip Carver's Newsletter Issue 12)
    You know how dirty the carving piece gets as you're working on it and how hard it sometimes is to remove all graphite markings? I found that lacquer thinner will remove every bit of all that and clean it up like brand new, and it doesn't have any effect on the staining process at all. I also found that I can lightly spray seal the pattern, before carving, with acrylic sealer so that the pattern remains pristine, and the lacquer thinner will remove all traces of the sealer afterwards as well. I just dampen a cloth, such as a terry wash cloth, with the thinner and rub everything off prior to the staining process. The thinner evaporates very quickly, and presto it's ready to stain! Submitted by Sharon Braunberger.

    Senior American's Day Program of Carving a Success!!

    Members of our club appearred at the Senior Americans Day program on March 17th, St. Patricks Day, at the UW-Eau Claire and gave 27 seniors what was probably their first wood carving experience. Each senior was given a band sawed blank of a small rabbit and was helped to do a flat plane style style carving. There were many good comments and no one was injured! The program went very well and it looks like they want us back for next year's event! The members who helped in this endeavor need to be recognized and given a special thank you. They were, Karen Kahghin, Dan Meecham, Vern Kortness, Wilbur Hoppe, Dick Kemp, Chuch Nichols, Jenny Rouleau, Butch & Edna Parker, and Harold Blumer. THANKS FOR YOUR SPECIAL EFFORTS!!

    Wood Carving with Dave Constantine

    Carving Mammals- Carving Bears
    July 13-14-15; 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
    Cost: $65/Friends; $70/Nonmembers
    The focus of this workshop will be on animal anatomy, skeletal, texturing, and fur techniques. All levels of carvers will enjoy learning realistic animal carving, and bears make a great subject.

    Fish Carving 2
    August 3-4-5; 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
    Cost: $70/Friends $85/Nonmembers
    The very popular crappie will be the subject of this workshop. The workshop will kick-off with a basic three evening format and other meetings will be added as needed.

    Carving an Animated Santa
    September 7-8-9; 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
    Cost: $75/Friends $80/Nonmembers
    For all you Santa carvers out there, you don't want to miss this one! This Santa workshop will have a new twist, and will feature a very comical Santa on skis. The project will focus on carving multiple parts, as well as assembly, and painting. All levels of carvers will enjoy this creative workshop.

    Classes offered at The Clearing

    Woodcarving as an Art Form with Lyle Kraus
    September 13-19, $570.00 twin bed, $530.00 dorm. You may choose to carve and paint a colorful Santa, or one of those mysterious gnomes, a wizard or a bear. Or you may bring your own project. Whatever your project, Lyle will give you one-on-one attention. You will progress through the detailed steps used in proper sharpening of carving tools to carving your own special project. Strong emphasis will be given to carving faces that bring the form to life.

    To register for these classes call The Clearing at 920-854-4088, you can use your Visa or Mastercard for payment.