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    Testimonial #1

    Beer Belly Box Calls #19 & #20

    Hi Dave,

    I had a lot of skeptics when I told them that I had purchased a turkey call over the Internet..........Now my friends and brother are true believers.

    I bought two of your "Beer Bell Box Calls" (nos. 19 and 20) one I got for my brother. We used your calls on the first and second days of Turkey hunting season here in Ohio - I got a gobbler on both days. On opening day, the turkey I called in and shot was about 10 yards from my stand. On the second day I called a hen turkey into my stand, and I do mean in! About 6 or 7 feet from me (I swear). She stayed around my stand for about 40 minutes and every time I hit your call she went crazy, clucking and purring. It was a sight to see. After about 40 minutes of this calling back and forth, the hen and I called in 3 gobblers - I shot the closest one at about 20 yards from my stand.

    Your call made the hen turkey that I was calling to, go pretty crazy. I believe she was looking for a real turkey in the blow down that I was sitting in. The whole sequence took about 45 minutes. It was loads of fun and very exciting!

    My brother that you made a duplicate call for, got his turkey on opening morning also. He shot his gobbler at about 30 yards. My brother called in a nice gobbler on the second day, but could not get a clean shot at him. We will try to get that one on Saturday and I will remember to take a camera this time.

    I would like to thank you for building such an outstanding turkey caller. I am sure that it will last me a very long time and give me all of the fun and excitement I can handle!

    Thanks again. Good hunting - you are the best turkey call maker.

    Two very satisfied customers in Ohio,

    John Raddish